The Executive English Programme is a bouquet of individually tailored English courses carefully designed to meet your specific communication needs within your current work environment and in an international setting. There are three content areas: General English, Business English and Professional English. After a careful assessment of your work and career development aspirations, we will craft a course content that best meets your specific needs.

Each week you will study 25 lessons including 3 sessions in our well-resourced language lab to practice your skills or take revision tests to measure your progress. You can study for any period of time from 2 weeks to 12 weeks (or more upon request).

Course aims

The Executive English Programme aims to:

  • enable you to use English effectively in a professional environment
  • help you develop the relevant specialised terminology used in your professional field
  • help you acquire the listening skills necessary for understanding in a multinational environment

Course Start Dates

Year 2023
January 10 February 6 March 7 April 17 May 22
July 3 August 28 October 2 October 30 November 27