About Eagle Vision Language Institute

Eagle Vision Language Institute is a leading language training school, located at Achimota, Accra (Ghana). Since 2005, we have provided language learning experiences to learners all over Africa and beyond. We are also the preferred language training centre in Africa for international organisations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Medecins Du Monde (MDM), ALIMA, Sightsavers and Swiss Cooperation. Additionally, we have ongoing partnerships with institutions of higher learning across Africa for providing language immersion experiences for their students.

Whether you are a busy professional, a student preparing to study abroad, or a holidaymaker, we have just the right programme to train you to speak and write English proficiently.


We aspire to be the language school of choice in Ghana for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners across Africa.


The mission of Eagle Vision Language Institute is to provide effective English as a Foreign Language training that equips learners with the requisite skills for effective communication within their chosen environments.

Core values

  1. Excellence: We adopt the highest standards in all our processes.
  2. Integrity: We endeavour to meet every commitment.
  3. Teamwork: We work together at all times towards our common goals.
  4. Leadership: We strive to stay at the forefront of EFL training.
  5. Innovation: We incorporate new technology and ideas in everything we do.


  1. To provide excellent teaching and learning facilities for language training
  2. To provide an engaging curriculum that meets the communication needs of our learners
  3. To deploy qualified, motivated and knowledgeable teachers to guide learners’ progress
  4. To create a healthy environment that promotes learning and personal development
  5. To vigorously pursue innovation and the use of technology to achieve a competitive edge

Why Choose Eagle Vision Language Institute?

A relevant curriculum and high-quality teaching

We continually review and update all our courses to ensure that the curriculum remains modern and relevant to today’s global communication requirements. In class, we use the most recent editions of course books by renowned publishers, supplemented by learning material in our well-resourced library and language laboratory.

For the effective implementation of our curriculum, every teacher at Eagle Vision Language Institute is a professional with the requisite qualifications. They have been trained to provide a good learning experience to our students. Not only do they know the language really well, but they also use a student-centred teaching approach to deliver their lessons. As a result, our students effectively develop the ability to use the language in their daily communication.

A welcoming and safe environment for studies

Our new school building is purpose-designed for language education in the modern age. We aim to combine both learning and comfort for the best experience you can have. Every classroom is air-conditioned and fitted with a smart TV set for multimedia projections. You will find our beautifully-furnished student lounge the ideal place to sit at during the break or while waiting for your next class.  Our clean and safe canteen offers a variety of food and drinks to suit your taste and pocket.

Our administrative staff are friendly and dedicated to providing the support you need for a satisfying experience.
Our student population is a rich mix of different cultures with different backgrounds and different lifestyles – but all working together to efficiently improve their language performance while making new lifelong international friends. It is a wonderful atmosphere you would love to be in!

Affordable and good value

At Eagle Vision Language Institute, we deliver the quality standard you want at a cost you can afford.
We have a track record for delivering excellence in English Language Teaching. With our deep experience in language training, we understand the challenges you face as an international student and will be able to support you to realize your dream of communicating fluently in English. We offer a premium learning experience to our students for a competitive price.
We also encourage you to take advantage of our programme combination discounts by studying two or more programmes (English with Test Preparation or Computer Literacy) to have 10% cashback on tuition fees. Eagle Vision Language Institute will never apply hidden fees during your programme; our fee structure is clear and transparent. The applicable fees you see in our current price catalogue are the fees you will pay until you complete your programme.