Do you want to be a Microsoft Office expert? This program is the best solution. Become an expert within four weeks.

The Computer Department of Eagle Vision Institute is a modern and well-resourced division of the Institute set up to equip learners with the computing skills relevant to a successful career in today’s technology-oriented world. We offer practical and certified training in the following programs:

1. Computer literacy and Microsoft Office packages

You do not need to have any knowledge about computers or the Internet to enrol on this program. This course enables you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills as a beginner in ICT to become familiar with the terminology of the world of computers and the Internet. Once you know the computer, its components and how it works, then the course practically and gradually makes you proficient in the use of the latest Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint and Excel). The world’s leading suite of productivity software, Microsoft Office helps complete common and advanced business and personal tasks, like create specialized headers and footers, printing multiple worksheets, broadcast a presentation etc. This is the ideal course to equip you with the basic concepts and skills in IT and prepare your for university studies or employment or a professional or academic program in IT.

Fees and payment plan:

  • Registration fee: GHC 50.00 (Admission – Student ID card – T-shirt)
  • Tuition and examination: GHC 450.00 (payable in two instalments)
  • Course duration: Three months (6 hours / week)

2. Computer Hardware Maintenance

The ability to use computers in our daily activities has become mandatory to enhance personal and business effectiveness and efficiency. Computers over time need servicing, upgrading or replacement and we require the services of a trained computer technician to this effect.

This program trains and certifies you as a Computer Hardware Technician, capable of maintaining, repairing and installing computer hardware and software. The course prepares you for CompTIA A+, which is an entry-level certification for IT technicians. Some of the topics covered in this program are: Preventive Maintenance, Installation, Diagnostics or Troubleshooting, Configuring, Basic Networking, and Communication.

Fees and payment plan:

  • Registration fee: GHC 50.00 (Admission – Student ID card – T-shirt)
  • Tuition and examination: GHC 700.00 (payable in two instalments)
  • Course duration: Six months
  • Minimum requirements: JHS and Computer literacy
  • Career aspiration: PC Technician, Help Desk Technician