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Ans: We predominantly focus on English as a Foreign Language and also Functional French.
Ans: The levels of proficiency range from Elementary through to Advanced.
Ans: We mainly employ the Communicative approach by using Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Ans: Here at EVLI, instructors experience ranges from over 15 years to the least being 2 years minimum.
Ans: Generally, classes are organized in groups to aid student practice and use of the language in real time. However, students with peculiar language needs are also catered for in customised individual classes.
Ans: At EVLI, we have two main modules which are: 1. Intensive General English - a five hours a day course 2. Regular General English - a three hours a day course. Both modules run on weekdays.
Ans: Yes, we have an efficient test system which helps to place students correctly in classes that identify with their levels of proficiency as well as to assist their development in the language skills.
Ans: Yes, you can. All one needs to do is to inform the institute ahead of time to set up a customized course that caters for their distinct language goals.
Ans: We have a well-resourced language lab and student learning platforms in addition to the modules given to students to ensure continuous learning even beyond the classroom.
Ans: The institute has arrangements for student immersion through internal and external programs. Also, we offer recommendation for students who are able to secure internships.
Ans: We offer recognized certificates once a student completes a course.
Ans: The institute offers English Proficiency test preparation in TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC as we have over 10 years experience in this area.
Ans: Our classes on average are about 15 students which ensure that each student has equal opportunity to develop.

Making Courses

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