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These rules and regulations are meant to create the right conditions and orientation to help students make the most efficient use of their time at Eagle Vision Institute


Consistent Attendance

Students are required to come to school and attend classes consistently on each day that the institute is open. Any students who may not be able to come to school on any day must first obtain permission from their class teacher.

Note: Any students who absent themselves five times consecutively (i.e. one week) without prior permission may be withdrawn from the course and any fees paid shall be forfeited. The Institute, in that case, may decide not to issue any official documents to such students.


Prompt Arrival

Students are required to arrive on time each day before classes starts. Students in the morning shift must arrive by 7.50 am, and start classes at 8.00 am. Students in the afternoon shift must arrive by 11.20 am, and start classes at 11.30 am.


Decent Dressing

Students are required to dress decently in proper clothing. Ladies especially must wear dresses that cover their bodies appropriately. Gentlemen must equally dress well.  


Speak English Always

Students must try to speak English wherever they are. That means they must communicate in English at school, at home, in the market and everywhere else. They must especially avoid speaking French with their Francophone friends.


Respect for Each Other

Students are required to respect their fellow students in class and out of class. They must equally respect their teachers and every other person associated with Eagle Vision Institute.


Responsibility towards School Property

Students must take good care of the books and other materials given to them for their studies. They must also handle with care such items as desks, tables and chairs that they use in class. Students must especially not write on or scratch desks, tables and chairs.


Quarrels and Fights

At Eagle Vision Institute, we are all brothers and sisters. We show concern for each other. We are friendly with each other. Quarrels and fights are therefore not part of our way of life here. Students must avoid quarrels and fights at all costs. Any students engaged in a fight on our premises or hostel facilities will be expelled with immediate effect.


Overall Good Conduct

All students of Eagle Vision Institute are expected to behave well at all times. They are expected to speak courteously to people with whom they come into contact. They are expected to act responsibly in all circumstances throughout their stay in Ghana. They must remember that they each represent the image their respective countries.


Post Scrip-tum

We expect students to abide by these rules and regulations voluntarily. However, the punitive measure shall be taken against any students who deliberately flout these rules and regulations. Such punitive measures may include but not limited to reprimands, suspension and even withdrawal.

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