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Citizens of ECOWAS member states are exempted from visa to enter Ghana. They may reside in Ghana for a period of up to three months without a residence permit. They only need to hold a valid passport which will be presented at the entry point (airport or border) for a stamp. The following are ECOWAS member states: BENIN, BURKINA FASO, TOGO, GUINEA, MALI, NIGER, COTE D’IVOIRE, NIGERIA, LIBERIA, SIERRA LEONE, SENEGAL, GAMBIA, CAPE VERDE, GUINEA BISSAU and GHANA

Nationals of other countries must be in possession of a valid passport or other travel document and valid visa to enter and study in Ghana. The following are the general visa application requirements:

  • The visa should be endorsed on a valid passport or travel documents issued by competent national or international authorities and recognised by the Government of Ghana.
  • Ghana entry visas are obtainable from any Ghana Embassy, High Commission or Consulate abroad. Where Ghana has no Consular or Diplomatic representation entry visa may be issued on arrival, if the Director of Immigration has prior notification from travellers or their sponsors or hosts and approval has been granted. Applicants for Entry visa on arrival must confirm the issuance of visa before embarking on the journey.
  • This visa also referred to as an emergency visa is valid for fourteen (14) days within which period the prospective traveller should have embarked on the journey.
  • To apply for student visa, you need among other documents, an admission letter from a recognized educational institution and proof of payment of fees. Please contact our administration for the procedure for obtaining such documents.

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Our teachers are all native speakers and certified teachers. They have been chosen for their international teaching experience, their enthusiasm, and above all, their concern for the needs of the students as individuals. This approach is evident in the special care our staff takes with each student, often giving help outside schedules class hours.

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